Ruta’s homework – literacy

Dear judge newton,

I am writing to you because I believe that I am innocent and that I should not be punished. Firstly, I was just going to the beach witch is perfectly normal and then I was searching for shells with my brother Rahul. Suddenly, we saw a black box in the corner of a rock pool so we pulled it out but decided not to open it there and instead we took it home. When we got home,we carefully opened the box and the box was full to the brim with sparkling jewels we were so amazed and wanted to keep them but instead we called the police. About two days later,the jewels were returned to there rightful owner and the police thanked us.

coconut cake recipe


-1 cup of milk

-2 cups of flour

-2 eggs

-coconut flakes

-chocolate chips (if want)

-1 bowl


-baking soda 

-cupcake cases


First, get your two eggs and crack them into your bowl.Next pour two cups of flour into the bowl and mix well with spoon, and pour in the one cup of milk. After that, put in three teaspoons of baking soda and also mix until ready.Also, pour in however much coconut flakes you want and some chocolate chips if wanted.Finally,put your cupcakes in the cupcake cases and bake in the oven for 30 min.



poems from jayden

  • The raven shadow shot around the room. A key of lives shone yellow. A royal purple angel moved as doom strikes. The cyan planet was sure to be doomed by metros. A neon flame flashed before there eyes . The emarld tsunami took over the city. The green wheelie lane on curses. A silver future was seen. A jet-black flame flicked making curses. The galaxy of screams snatch the world of wonder.

poem by Aran and Charlie

The electric-blue thunder of truth has struck down at all the lies taught them a lesson of honesty which is the best policy .

The teal galaxy of doom it kills all the laughter spreads evil spirits sends you to the desert of death.

A neon missile comes down dilapidated the buildings the city of doom is gone it leaves the country

The astral moon sat down and glared down gleaming into the crimson fire went down to…

The sapphire bullet kills people spreads the curse of truth around the world.

from: Aran Rissul and Charlie Ponsford

class: 6JW

The island…

The magenta sky hugged the crimson stars. Below,mountains of gossamer clouds surrounded dark,ebony rocks erupting from the burning water. In front,was a small,ash tree draining the life from the island. Far out on the abyss,was a little boy coming towards the dying island.

I was here,standing on a navy boat and I could see the tiny island getting slightly closer every second. As I was getting closer,water splashed into the boat and I could see the mysterious sky staring down over me. Next to me,were lots of rocks making me dodge them as if they were an obsticle course. I was feeling really nervious and a little bit scared because I could can that the island was abandend a long time ago. When I got to the island, I gingerly stumbled towards the tree in the centre…I froze…the tree started to move towards me…

Poem by Anna xx

The electric aqua flames froze the peaceful city,                                                          The primrose figure of power destroyed the city of hope,                                          The graveyard of hope rose from the ground,                                                                  The acid tear burnt the ground below

The jet-black curse tricked the world of regret,                                                               The chestnut star fell like an astroid,                                                                                   The ash covered moon shattered to pieces,                                                                         The universe explodes killing all life,                                                                                 The dark sky broke the seal from the earth to space

The ebony key locked the deafening scream of the future, The lavender snowflake dashed across the sky towards the future of wonder,                                                                                                                                              The raven key revealed the silver future,                                                                           The royal future destroyed the locket of wishes

The jade key reveal the staircase to hell,                                                                            The beige necklace stole the love from angels in heaven.

Image result for by anna


Poem by Freya

The teal flame danced in the ocean of fire. The sable planet slowly drifted to death. The amber cloud led to a nightmare. The crimson tear danced to a curse. A puce tear drifted to a city of silence. A royal maze led to death. The primrose cloud drifted to power. A ivory flame fell to trickery. The song floated to a spell. The saffron echo glided to a curse. The tear glided to pain.

Poem by Isabel

The clock of curses ticked every second away,                                                                 The raven missile of power ripped the earth to shreds,                                              The teal cloud turn’t to ash like fire,                                                                                    The cold fire burnt like fire,

The ebony key unlocked the galaxy,                                                                                  The ash covered moon shattered to pieces,                                                                       The burgundy stars fell like astroids,                                                                                    The universe explodes killing all life,

The violet tear dropped to hell,                                                                                              The  angels of heaven fell to the dying earth,                                                                   The ebony key unlocked the stair case to hell,                                                             The pearly  key unlocked the stair case to heaven,

The dark sky broke the barer holding back space,                                                          The rough sea crashed against a wall,                                                                                The graveyard of hope rose from the ground,                                                                  The teal lightning thrashed all to shreds.Related image

The best poem in the world by Summer and Missy

The coal fire skulked across the wood of sadness.

The chocolate maze spreads determination.

The ash nightmare awakens the dreamsnatcher.


A powerful cherry raindrop demolishes the city.

A powerless lightning tries to strike.

The champagne rain rises to meat the dead.


The coral crab rises to meat the snorklers.

The plum octopus sinks in the sea of lies.

The  jade sand calles for something to love


The violet moon shouts for the sun to come up so that it can rest once again.

The teal galaxy cries for the dead stars to come back.

The ivory stars sings for friends.

made by summer and missy  😀




Poem: Thoughts by Grace and Liana


Tsunamis cursed the land as fear struck with mystery. The crimson locket of power creates a wave of spells as the ebony nightmares start the clock of emotions.


A dream of thoughts echoed across the aqua ocean as a champagne star surged across the sapphire sky. The city of love and hope was approached by passion.


The violet stream flurried away as the burgundy rain pored from the sky of sadness. A flame of water made the indigo thunder rage.

By Grace+Liana                                                   


Secret lands by Livia

The key of mysteries tries to unlock the secrets of the mountains.

An emerald maze hides its hidden exit, shutting out the rest of the world.

No one comes out of the land of future; no one goes in.

The ivory thunder screeches at anyone who dares to cross his lands.

Pearl clouds rain upon the teal pool of wishes.

The primrose sun beat down on the city of dreams.

A jungle of sparks lay undiscovered in the lands of the wild.

The river of emotion runs through the mysterious meadows of silence.

Cyan waterfalls of thoughts thunder off of the edge of the mighty world.

Life, death and fear by Ruta

a crimson tear rises into heaven full of joy

an amber locket glides towards the field of happiness

a teal galaxy carries stars of wishes

a flame of death bursts into a future of grace

heather raindrops curse the city of emotion

the magenta moon drifted over the graveyard of love

the bloodshot eye looks down over the land

a crimson  nightmare takes over the dreams of passion

a primrose shadow snatched the life away from the stream of bravery

the rusted song silenced the world

neon lightning struck the town with fear

an ebony light shut of all good.

Charlie’s poem

The neon missile of life and death created a huge explosion.                                    That could wipe the city.                                                                                                          Set the county to mystery.                                                                                                         Put some families to danger.

The lemon bullet of all honesty.                                                                                             Creates truth out of lies.                                                                                                                 The spell of honesty will spread across the city.                                                                Having no lies.

The electric-blue thunder of truth.                                                                                         Has struck all lies.                                                                                                                          Has taught them a lession of all honesty.                                                                             Which is the best policy.

The teal galaxy of doom.                                                                                                              Kills all the laughter.                                                                                                                   Spreads evil spirits.                                                                                                                          Also sends people to the Desert of death.

Poem: Thoughts


The crimson locket of power starts to create a wave of spells as the ebony nightmares start the clock of emotions. The tsunami cursed the land as fear struck with mystery a spell tricked the city of hope a tangerine meteor demolished it and a pearl star of misery revealed.


A dream of thoughts echoed across the aqua ocean as a champagne star surged across the sapphire sky. The city of love and hope was approached by passion.


The violet stream flurried away as the burgundy rain spat from the sky of sadness. A flame of water made the indigo thunder rage.

By Liana and Grace

Bailey’s poem

An raven key locks away the silence of the galaxy.

An key opens a vortex to a different galaxy.

The frozen flame started to crack and pop.

An amber wave washed people to silence .

The neon nuke of life and death or silence.

The blue berry ice started to light and melt to death.

A jet black curs of disbelieve.

The amber lightning of gravity.

The bottle of a cursed flame.Related image

Riley’s poem

The lemon bullet of penetration.  The sooty black-hole of nightmares.  The eletric-blue thunder of fear. The neon missile of life or death.  The bottle-green key of mystery.  The sooty shadows of dreams.  The titan book of power.  The lavender crystal of positivity.  The jet-black song of silence.  The amber locket full of whispers.  The cherry lava of lies.  The emerald  clock of heat.



The crack  elimination  smashed threw the city. Through the raven space and threw all of the planets as it goes away.

The raven vortex got rid of all of the crimson rain. As it burned all of existence and in the world. It never stopped.

The school of life saved all of humanity from the world war of death and life. It never stopped for the worlds life was stopped because the war had the power.

The lightning of terror attacked the world of destiny but it attacked the teal galaxy and did not stop until everything was gone forever.

from: Brandon Madge

The World Of Magic…. Created by Jess Whalen!

The primrose shadow demolished the world of fear,

The raven figure tortured the world of lies,

A clock of spirits defeats faith,

The crimson locket of hallucination  creates a maze of wonders,


A titan avalanche stopped a planet of mysteries,

The saffron tsunami teared apart gravity,

An ashy storm made a world of destruction,

The khaki snowflake unveiled the book of jealousy,


The jet- black flame darted across a library of death,

As the cyan bullet rode on the world of death,

With a chest-nut bomb exploding a country with hope,

The navy spark shot across the sky of friendship,


A titanium echo danced across the pavement with pride,

And a royal scream washed away a life of death,

The indigo rustle scorched the power of love,

And neon vortex’s lunged across the room with wonders…






Court Case 9.1.17 by Josh

Yesterday we had a court case where we – the jury – had to decide if Joe was guilty of stealing the box of jewels.

Mr Walker (the prosecution) argued that Joe was guilty and made the following statements:

  • Joe should have left it on the beach
  • He should have reported it to the police

He also said: Honesty Is the Best Policy.

Miss Dite (the defence) argued Joe was innocent and made the following statements:

  • It was the owner’s fault for leaving it there in the first place
  • It had no name on the box

She also said: Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers.

In my opinion, I thought Joe wasn’t guilty because he didn’t intend to find the jewels.