Dragon invasion part 3. By Jess Whalen

… The next day

George and Jennifer were up to mischief again.Jennifer was round George’s, you can tell somethings going to happen. “Shall we go back to this magic dream of dragons again. They both nodded. “If I were you I’d pack up a bag full of treats and fruit shoots.”Whispered Jennifer,trying not to let anyone know.”SUBJUNCTIVE MOOD!!!” Screamed George.”what was that sunjunctive… thingy…””we were learning it in mr Walkers class, duh weren’t you paying attention?” “Anyway shall we go?” They both agreed and set of. They creeped down stairs. Creek creek. Something was skulking  around.”Shh it’s mum were going to have to get past her but how,” Asked Jennifer.”The front door. They both ran cautiously through the front door and Down the side of the house. After about ten minutes of planing this adventure they made it into the garden and into the whole. They were in the magic word of t-Rex’s and pterodactyl and many more dinosaurs that filled into their minds. One of the dinosaur walked up to them picked them up and took them for an explore.”Wow.” They both said. All they could do was see that.”George Jennifer where are you.” Screamed mum . “Uh oh mum was in the back garden calling for us.” What is going to happen were in big trouble they both thought to the self ………



Don’t go out after dark homework to persuade year 5 to go on barton camp

Do you want to go to Barton camp? Are you always begging your teachers? If so we have right persuasion for you !!!

reasons to go (part 1)
Firstly, It is amazing !!!Next, The dorms are amazing to sleep in Then,the outdoor swimming pool is fun and then slider and it is heated.Furthermore, The park has load of stuff and i guarantee you will love it.Finally,All of the activities are so fun !!!

Reasons to go (part 2)
Here is some things and features about Barton camp , u get to explore it and it is so much fun. It may be scary. Talking about Barton camp but it is’t scary as when i was scared I over become it quickly and you will to.

So year 5 teachers please read this and make a decision.

Literacy homework (Harrison): Why you Should support Children In Need

Do you ever feel sorry for those who are less fortunate than yourself ? Do you wish you could do something to help them? If this sounds like you, look no further than the charity , Children In Need.

Obviously everyone deserves to live their lives happily, don` t you think?  Unfortunately,  this isn`t the case for some of the young ones in our beloved world . Children In Need try to prevent this by running different types of events , each year, on the 2nd Friday of November, to help raise money for those in need.

Moreover, by donating  money not only will you help other people, but you will also gain self-happiness due to the thought of changing somebody’s life. Shouldn`t the thought of changing somebody`s life and making them happy be enough to make anyone donate?

Finally, they  have an AMAZING mascot called Pudsey. It is a bear with a bandage over its right eye . The bandage represents the pain of others who YOU can help . The purpose of Pudsey being a bear is to show that we help and welcome people with care,warmth and love.

Fortunately, the charity has been successful and has managed to raise over £600,000,000 since starting up in 1980 . However, what if the charity flops? What will they do then ? To stop this from happening, support Children In Need and spread the word so that everyone knows about it . NOW!!!

Literacy Homework

Do you leave your homework until the last minute? Would you refuse to do it, even if your parents said so? If this sounds like you, don’t stop reading and listen to these 3 reasons why you shouldn’t do that.

Firstly, if you do it on the first day it was given, you will have the rest of the weekend free to do family and friend bonding. But if you leave it, you will be rushing around late at night in a stress.

In addition, if you leave your homework until the last minute, you might forget and get yelled at by the teacher, because you’ve had more than enough time to complete it.

Finally, if you do it when you get it, you will be able to keep on track, instead of being up, day and night, rushing through various homeworks you’ve left until the last minute.

In conclusion, I think that we shouldn’t do homework in the final hours because you will get much more time with family and friends.