Literacy Homework

The alien landing was a peculiar happening . Perhaps a little paranormal. All of Bristol was buzzing and flocking to Leigh woods to feel the scorch marks, to see the flattened grass and bushes. But not one of the excited tourists actually had any idea what the real cause was . So, if you are one of the tourists that witnessed the ‘crash sight’ here is the real deal. What actually happened . The real cause. So here it is —–

The sun slipped behind the hills and the wind whistled through the grass as darkness fell. Tom and Jez picked up their fishing gear and headed for home.

“Ahhh,” Tom and Jez froze .”Can you hear that Jez or am I going deaf?” Tom nodded. A whirring sound could be heard above their heads. They both exchanged worried glances . Then the inevitable happened . One and a half miles away , a glowing, brilliantly bright light appeared which, shot away deeper into the forest . “ALIENS!” They both said at the same time.

Tom and Jez staggered towards the light that was still glowing. As they drew closer they saw an ‘alien spaceship’. Their hearts pounded fifty to the minute. They watched and waited. A second later a door opened on the ‘spacecraft’ and a shadowed figure stepped into the dark and ran.

That info was gathered by the police . Now I’m sorry but the police has limited capabilities, so it ended short because Tom and Jez fell asleep and couldn’t remember any thing else. But, I can tell you Tom and Jez made a full recovery , just a slight case of amnesia and trauma . The question is, was that a spacecraft? Or was it a hallucination ? Its up to you to decide.

2 thoughts on “Literacy Homework”

  1. awesome! brill. i really like it. i definitely think it was a hallucination in answer to your question. have a look at Alice B. Sharpe’s blog “Riddles”….. it really had me thinking!!!!! 🙂 :p 😀

  2. I LOVE your version if Alien Landing – particularly the way you hooked me in at the beginning. I got the impression of the excitement of the crowds of onlookers and tourists; the buzz was contagious and I was hooked!


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