My Recount of Alien Landing. (Literacy Homework)

Alien Landing

It was late at night, and Tom, and his cousin Jez, were fishing by the lake. An unknown person told them that they need to “go home” so they did so. But on the way home, Tom and Jez heard a whirring sound overhead. Half a mile away, a flickering light was zooming through the forest. Tom and Jez looked at each other and simultaneously shouted at each other: “ALIENS!!”. Then Tom woke up. It was somehow daytime now. He looked to his side and saw Jez. Tom told him that “we should head home now.” When they were in their bedrooms, they put their hands in their pockets and they both f0und a rock. But it wasn’t a regular rock. When they rubbed it, it brightened up like the sun! But who gave it to them? Maybe someone from.. ANOTHER PLANET!

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