The alien landing….Continued

previous:                                                                                                           Two boys,named Tom and Jez,were out late fishing at Cleeve forest when they got told by a man that they had never seen before to go home.There are lots of questions about this man,who was he?,where did he come from?,what did he look like? and why was’nt he there to be questioned on Knowle news? Well…                                                                                                                                                                                                                     continued:                                                                                                           Twenty years later,Tom and Jez were still close friends until one day the alien thing stopped and so did there friendship Jez gave up on it whilst Tom still believed.One day it all changed,when Jez’s children,Lucus and Chloe asked him if they could go fishing at Cleeve forest and of-course he let them because he does’nt believe in those alien things anymore and thinks its all safe.Well,he is wrong.His children were meant to be home at seven o clock but it had long gone eight. Jez was panicking and did’nt know what to do.Whilst there dad was busy panicking,the strange man was seen again.The children were being hypnotized by blinding lights and a dark alien looking thing…zzzzzzzzzzzz                                                           Twenty four hours later,they arrived home with a story about an alien or was it a story…                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The TRUE Story:[Tom and Jez]                                                                         Tom and jez were out late fishing in Cleeve forest when this man they had never seen before wait a minute hold it right there who is this man?I hear you asking well if you really want to know you’ll probably not believe me but he was the alien yes it was him how did I know? your asking well I saw him on the camera I just put in two months ago on it I saw him and the true story.It all started when Tom and Jez were fishing it was getting late so he told them to go home.Then they saw the flashing lights and the spaceship which was the alien controlling a drone, crazy I know.Next,was the alien that was the alien shining a hologram of himself!finally,was them getting knocked out well he was’nt meant to do that but he was trying to lower the hologram of himself so he was walking forward and then he tripped on a tree root and his torch slipped out of his other hand and because Tom and Jez were not far away,the torch flew across the air and hit them in the head.                                                                                   hope that explained what happend!!!

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