Hedgehog Invasion

Hedgehog Invasion

It was dawn at the petrol station and Jerry was filling his purple van up with diesel. Suddenly, a hedgehog jumped out of the nearby vending machine and lashed at the user. Then a swarm of hedgehogs came out the store, destroying everything in sight. One hedgehog gnarled on the unleaded hose. Out of nowhere, the hose began to puff up, and explode. The town was covered in fire, with wandering hedgehogs giving people rabies.

Back at the petrol station

Jerry jumped into his van and zoomed down the road with hedgehogs stalking his every move. Frantically, a hedgehog jumped through the window and bit at Jerry. He lost control and tipped his van over. Millions of sparks were launched from underneath it. Hastily, Jerry jumped out of the van. He was alive. Unfortunately, the van wasn’t. It had crashed into a wall and blown up, sending thousands of hedgehog prickles onto the road. A pack of cars dashed down the deadly road. The tyres made contact with the prickles, puncturing them one by one. Unluckily, one of the cars ploughed straight into Jerry, nearly ending his miserable life. Fortunately, after a week long stay in hospital, he was well enough to tell the tale.

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