Don’t go out after dark homework to persuade year 5 to go on barton camp

Do you want to go to Barton camp? Are you always begging your teachers? If so we have right persuasion for you !!!

reasons to go (part 1)
Firstly, It is amazing !!!Next, The dorms are amazing to sleep in Then,the outdoor swimming pool is fun and then slider and it is heated.Furthermore, The park has load of stuff and i guarantee you will love it.Finally,All of the activities are so fun !!!

Reasons to go (part 2)
Here is some things and features about Barton camp , u get to explore it and it is so much fun. It may be scary. Talking about Barton camp but it is’t scary as when i was scared I over become it quickly and you will to.

So year 5 teachers please read this and make a decision.

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