Dragon invasion part 3. By Jess Whalen

… The next day

George and Jennifer were up to mischief again.Jennifer was round George’s, you can tell somethings going to happen. “Shall we go back to this magic dream of dragons again. They both nodded. “If I were you I’d pack up a bag full of treats and fruit shoots.”Whispered Jennifer,trying not to let anyone know.”SUBJUNCTIVE MOOD!!!” Screamed George.”what was that sunjunctive… thingy…””we were learning it in mr Walkers class, duh weren’t you paying attention?” “Anyway shall we go?” They both agreed and set of. They creeped down stairs. Creek creek. Something was skulking ¬†around.”Shh it’s mum were going to have to get past her but how,” Asked Jennifer.”The front door. They both ran cautiously through the front door and Down the side of the house. After about ten minutes of planing this adventure they made it into the garden and into the whole. They were in the magic word of t-Rex’s and pterodactyl and many more dinosaurs that filled into their minds. One of the dinosaur walked up to them picked them up and took them for an explore.”Wow.” They both said. All they could do was see that.”George Jennifer where are you.” Screamed mum . “Uh oh mum was in the back garden calling for us.” What is going to happen were in big trouble they both thought to the self ………



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