The Annabellesia 3000 by Olga

Are you tired of doing your homework ? Did you ever dream of having that cool life that every rich kid has ? If this sounds like you, pay attention to this vital advice: buy the Annabellesia 3000 !

It has been proved by scientists that a machine cannot do more than two things – like cleaning and cooking. But , this machine can do a TON of stuff – trust me. Firstly , the Annabellesia 3000 can do your homework which means you don’t have to do anything – you can chill on your PlayStation ! And so you can see how extraordinary this machine is you don’t even need a PlayStation because you can use Annabellesia at the same time. As an added bonus, if you get it today, you get 25% off !!!

This product has a very good price for all the things he can do. If you’re hungry (and don’t know what to eat or you are too lazy to go in the kitchen) just press one button that can instantly order food from your favourite restaurant.

Everyone is an agreement. Heed what Max , a young girl from Manchester , had to say on the matter : “I has this machine. Me loved her sooo much. She were so much cool ! ”

If I were you, I would buy this incredible machine ! So you don’t miss out, after you are tired of “doing your homework” it  can turn into a massage machine ! How cool is that , huh?!?!

One thought on “The Annabellesia 3000 by Olga”

  1. Olga, I am so impressed by this persuasion and the one that you did about phones. You know how to write persuasive texts expertly and could write them about anything! Great work.

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