Wonder book review


   Things about Wonder

Wonder is a great book! ‘Its all about a young boy named August who has a facial disfigurement. In the book they call August Auggie. He is in the 5th grade (year 6)

Main Characters

August has an older sister in the book called via as you get further into the book you will fined out that her real name is Olivia.

Why I like Wonder 

I give Wonder 5 stars because it’s funny in parts sad parts and the all of the book is amazing!

One thought on “Wonder book review”

  1. I am so impressed by this Isabel and how much you have gotten into the book. It is a great one and I have to admit that I shed a tear in the last few chapters….I hope that you get a chance to see the film. I am going to watch it over the holidays and I ‘Wonder’ how different it will be to the book.

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