Life, Sound, Death, Weather by Anastasia 6JW

Life is like a golden tear returning to your eye. A heliotrope tear created a wave of emotion for life. The eau de nil raindrop fell to ground leaving a tear in several eyes. A burgundy tear triggers the ghost of demons.

The ebony gunshot of a rifle shattered the ground. A neon thunder crashing down. The magnolia song quietened the city. A coral whistle rises into heaven.

The ivory moon sat above the cemetery. The sapphire city was demolished by something. The flame of death freezes all futures in. The primrose shadow assassinated the world of life.

The cyan rainstorm came crashing down.The pearl white snowflakes fell to the ground one by one.The noir thunder struck its victim leaving them no longer alive.The vert clouds circled the sky in circles.

By Anastasia 6JW

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