poem by Aran and Charlie

The electric-blue thunder of truth has struck down at all the lies taught them a lesson of honesty which is the best policy .

The teal galaxy of doom it kills all the laughter spreads evil spirits sends you to the desert of death.

A neon missile comes down dilapidated the buildings the city of doom is gone it leaves the country

The astral moon sat down and glared down gleaming into the crimson fire went down to…

The sapphire bullet kills people spreads the curse of truth around the world.

from: Aran Rissul and Charlie Ponsford

class: 6JW

What was that…

Monday: One dark gloomy night Jez woke up to a bang. Tom was still sleeping but Jez went down the stairs to see what it was…

Tom woke up because a scream came from down the stairs. Tom was petrified but he took a deep breath in and went to see what it was!

There was blood on the floor, there were spider webs …

The next day the police came to see what happened!

Jez and Tom were killed!

Aran Rissul