Bailey’s poem

An raven key locks away the silence of the galaxy.

An key opens a vortex to a different galaxy.

The frozen flame started to crack and pop.

An amber wave washed people to silence .

The neon nuke of life and death or silence.

The blue berry ice started to light and melt to death.

A jet black curs of disbelieve.

The amber lightning of gravity.

The bottle of a cursed flame.Related image

Dragon Sail homework by Bailey

You there do you want to fly about on a flying fire breathing beast if you wear (subjunctive mode) read on.

Does the thought of  you be teased because you can’t fly keep you awake at night? If this sounds like you, heed this advise on how to buy a dragon and why.

Obviously, a dragon is the best pet to have unlike a dog because a dragon can shoot fire ball from its mouth at his enemies and damage them. But if you hit them 3 times with a fire ball it will kill them so its safe to fire 2 because it will not kill them. It’s got to be treated sensible because if you don’t treat him or she will run and never to be seen again.

Even dragon keepers agree. They said, “dragons are not dangers animals instead if treated right he will be kind back.”

aliens story

Some people think aliens are fake but other people think that they got to be real because we got a lot a planets even some we don’t know yet so its possible to be some life.                                                                                     This is why people think there fake because its not possible for discs to float or taken by a big light.   BUT WHAT DO YOU THINK? ARE AILENS OUT THERE OR NOT?             We might find out one day.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Image result for ufo

homework 6jw Tom’s diary

Dear diary : It all started when me and my cuson Jez. we where  out in the Forrest fishing when a strange old man told us to leave so we left but all of a sudden a strange light appeared and streaked towards the forrist we look at each other ALIENS. Then I woke up still in the forest Jez lay beside me I woke her up and we went to tell the police but no one believed us they just called us a time waster.But when we went to bed that night we found tow jet black pebbles and as we rubbed the smooth surfaces and they began to glow but we don’t know what the for presents? Presents from another world.