Literacy homework (Harrison): Why you Should support Children In Need

Do you ever feel sorry for those who are less fortunate than yourself ? Do you wish you could do something to help them? If this sounds like you, look no further than the charity , Children In Need.

Obviously everyone deserves to live their lives happily, don` t you think?  Unfortunately,  this isn`t the case for some of the young ones in our beloved world . Children In Need try to prevent this by running different types of events , each year, on the 2nd Friday of November, to help raise money for those in need.

Moreover, by donating  money not only will you help other people, but you will also gain self-happiness due to the thought of changing somebody’s life. Shouldn`t the thought of changing somebody`s life and making them happy be enough to make anyone donate?

Finally, they  have an AMAZING mascot called Pudsey. It is a bear with a bandage over its right eye . The bandage represents the pain of others who YOU can help . The purpose of Pudsey being a bear is to show that we help and welcome people with care,warmth and love.

Fortunately, the charity has been successful and has managed to raise over £600,000,000 since starting up in 1980 . However, what if the charity flops? What will they do then ? To stop this from happening, support Children In Need and spread the word so that everyone knows about it . NOW!!!

Pokemon Fact File

The creator of Pokemon is called Satoshi Tajiri , he came up with the idea because when he was a child he collected Pocket monsters .

The name Pokemon is short for Pocket monster (see a previous fact for more detail).

The first Pokemon with it`s 100 percent design was Rhydon.

Instead of Pikachu , the developers thought about making Clefairy Ash`s first Pokemon .

There are 802 Pokemon in the Pokemon world.

The only legendary Ash is yet to encounter ( with the exception of generation 7) is raikou

There are 21 starter Pokemon ( not including Evolutions)

In Pokémon yellow despite  getting Pikachu as your starter, you’re not able to evolve it in that game as you can not get a Thunderstone in Pokémon Yellow

The rarest Pokémon card is the illustrators trainer card

Pokémon the first movie Mewtwo Strikes Back was supposed to be the last time the Pokémon anime was ever aired

In terms of base stats the strongest non legendary Pokémon is actually Slaking as it is too good to be a pseudo legendary because it’s base stats total is 630 and to be a pseudo legendary it has to be exactly 600

There is yet to be a poison type legendary Pokémon except from if you give an Arceus a toxic plate

There are there are currently 8 pseudo Legendary Pokémon: Dragonite, Tyranitar, Salamence,Metagross, Garchomp, Hydreigon,Goodra and Kommo-o

There are 31 Pokemon games in the franchise

Generation 1 Games: Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow

Generation 2 Games:Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal

Generation 3 Games: Pokémon Ruby,Sapphire,Emerald,Fire Red,  Leaf Green,  Gaia and xd Gale of Darkness

Generation 4 Games: Pokémon Diamond,Pearl,Platinum, Soul Silver and Heart Gold

Generation 5 Games: Pokémon Dark Rising, Dark Rising 2,Black,Black 2,White and White 2

Generation 6 Games: Pokémon X,Y,Alpha Sapphire and  Omega Ruby

Generation 7 Games: Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon