The World Of Magic…. Created by Jess Whalen!

The primrose shadow demolished the world of fear,

The raven figure tortured the world of lies,

A clock of spirits defeats faith,

The crimson locket of hallucination  creates a maze of wonders,


A titan avalanche stopped a planet of mysteries,

The saffron tsunami teared apart gravity,

An ashy storm made a world of destruction,

The khaki snowflake unveiled the book of jealousy,


The jet- black flame darted across a library of death,

As the cyan bullet rode on the world of death,

With a chest-nut bomb exploding a country with hope,

The navy spark shot across the sky of friendship,


A titanium echo danced across the pavement with pride,

And a royal scream washed away a life of death,

The indigo rustle scorched the power of love,

And neon vortex’s lunged across the room with wonders…






Dragon invasion part 3. By Jess Whalen

… The next day

George and Jennifer were up to mischief again.Jennifer was round George’s, you can tell somethings going to happen. “Shall we go back to this magic dream of dragons again. They both nodded. “If I were you I’d pack up a bag full of treats and fruit shoots.”Whispered Jennifer,trying not to let anyone know.”SUBJUNCTIVE MOOD!!!” Screamed George.”what was that sunjunctive… thingy…””we were learning it in mr Walkers class, duh weren’t you paying attention?” “Anyway shall we go?” They both agreed and set of. They creeped down stairs. Creek creek. Something was skulking  around.”Shh it’s mum were going to have to get past her but how,” Asked Jennifer.”The front door. They both ran cautiously through the front door and Down the side of the house. After about ten minutes of planing this adventure they made it into the garden and into the whole. They were in the magic word of t-Rex’s and pterodactyl and many more dinosaurs that filled into their minds. One of the dinosaur walked up to them picked them up and took them for an explore.”Wow.” They both said. All they could do was see that.”George Jennifer where are you.” Screamed mum . “Uh oh mum was in the back garden calling for us.” What is going to happen were in big trouble they both thought to the self ………



Dragon Invasion part 2! By Jess Whalen.

George and Jenifer reached to the garden, they were safe until ….

“Oh no, my mum’s there looking for us, we need to get it of here,” whispered  Jennifer.”Shall we go through the side of the house though the front door?” Whispered George. “Yes ok good plan.” So they both ran down the side and cautiously walked through the front door. “Phew we’re safe,” they both said. George and Jennifer ran upstairs and talked about what just happened in that city. It was really cool, it had every kind of dragon there is even ones they haven’t even heard of yet. It was that time again, where George had to go home.”You know we can’t tell anyone about today,” said Jennifer, firmly.”Yes ok but I’ll see you tomorrow,” said George. He went home and within 20 minutes he was fast asleep having happy dreams about today and what could happen if they went further on?

“But will we meet up and go on again ? Maybe maybe not…….

But the next day ……..


Created by Jes Whalen.

Dragon Invasion! By Jess.W

Many moons ago, there was a boy called George. He loved playing with dragons, he was obsessed with them. One day he was round his friends house, her name was Jennifer. They were both playing with dragons but each dragon had a different shape or design, some were big and some were small, even some had spikes coming out there heads. George and Jennifer went out into garden to play dragons. They both sat down and took a lunch break.

“What’s   that hole there George.” Asked Jennifer curiously.

“I’m not sure but we shall go and investigate, we’ve never been through there.” The hole in the fence looked quite big and manky. they both grabbed there bags, picked up there dragons and set off under that hole. Every time they went round each others houses they always got into some mischief.

“Whoa!” they both said in amazement. They couldn’t believe what there eyes were seeing. What they thought they were seeing was an gigantic city full of dragons. 2 hours later it was getting a bit dark so they decided to go home. “This is crazy cool dragon invasion, but we need to get back before our parents find out,” said Jennifer. They both ran home and snuck under the garden.

Did they get caught or not …………



Alien Landing

Late one afternoon, Tom and Jez decided to go out on a trip to Cleave Woodsnto do a couple hours of fishing whilst they were camping in the woods. This was something they liked to do every so often when Tom came to visit Jez. They loved competing against each other to see who would catch the biggest fish. Several hours later a mystery man came out of nowhere and told them that they had to go home as the sky was beginning to turn grey and dark.
They packed up there fishing gear and headed through the woods. As the boys were heading deeper into the woods they found a clearing, it would be the perfect spot to set up their tent.
As Tom was pulled out the pop up tent, suddenly Jez noticed flickering light in the distance above the trees.
“Tom, whats that light over there?”Jez said through a trembling voice.
“oh Jez stop being a scaredy pants, its probably just a helicopter.”Tom replied.
“Then why is it flicking?”
“Good point.” Said Tom.
“AHHHHHHHHHHH!” They both screamed as the light got bigger and brighter and it looked like it was coming towards them. The boys ran in the tent, closed the door flap and hid in their sleeping bags. Within ten minutes they fast asleep.

The next morning, Tom woke up and saw that jez was still asleep so he gave him a gentle nudge, to let him know it was morning. Once Jez was fully awake , they discussed what they had had witnessed last night and thought it would be a good time to go home and tell their parents.

Would their parents believe them or would they think it was all just a dream …