Poem: Thoughts


The crimson locket of power starts to create a wave of spells as the ebony nightmares start the clock of emotions. The tsunami cursed the land as fear struck with mystery a spell tricked the city of hope a tangerine meteor demolished it and a pearl star of misery revealed.


A dream of thoughts echoed across the aqua ocean as a champagne star surged across the sapphire sky. The city of love and hope was approached by passion.


The violet stream flurried away as the burgundy rain spat from the sky of sadness. A flame of water made the indigo thunder rage.

By Liana and Grace

Alien Landing……

One dark night, two boys called Tom and his cousin Jez were, fishing late at night at cleeve forest.After about, two hours fishing a strange looking man told them to go straight home.They ignored.After, ten minutes the old man was still there a told them too go home again.”Hey you two boys go home its too late!”So the boys listened this time a headed home. On the way home they heard some strange noises behind them. Suddenly, a blinding light appeared! The two boys, jumped back a fell in the branches a hit their heads on a big tree…

The next morning, they work up in utter confusion, they thought too them selves. Where were they? Why were they here? And what happened? All they could remember was a light and a shadow!…