Secret lands by Livia

The key of mysteries tries to unlock the secrets of the mountains.

An emerald maze hides its hidden exit, shutting out the rest of the world.

No one comes out of the land of future; no one goes in.

The ivory thunder screeches at anyone who dares to cross his lands.

Pearl clouds rain upon the teal pool of wishes.

The primrose sun beat down on the city of dreams.

A jungle of sparks lay undiscovered in the lands of the wild.

The river of emotion runs through the mysterious meadows of silence.

Cyan waterfalls of thoughts thunder off of the edge of the mighty world.

Space Facts by Livia

Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are called the terrestrial planets (Inner Planets).

Terrestrial planets are Earth-like planets (in Latin, terra means Earth) made up of rocks or metals with a hard surface — making them different from other planets that lack a solid surface. Terrestrial planets also have a molten heavy metal core, few moons, and topological features such as valleys, volcanoes and craters.

Mercury can produce a magnetic field 100 times weaker than the Earth. It takes Mercury 58.6 days to rotate and 88 to orbit the sun.

Venus is an oppressively hot world. Although not the closest planet to the Sun, Venus has the highest surface temperature of all the planets, averaging 464 celsius. The clouds trap the heat from the sun, creating a greenhouse effect.

The Earth takes 23.9 hours to fully rotate and 365.3 days to complete its orbital path around the Sun. It’s the only planet in our Solar system known to support life or water. The atmosphere has been greatly transformed by the existence of life throughout much of its history.

Ancient floodplain and network of dry riverbeds are clear evidence that large amounts of water flowed across the surface of Mars billions of years ago, when the planet was much warmer than it is today.

Jupiter completes one orbit in just 12 years. Like all other planets, it rotates as it travels, turning once in just less than 10 hours. Jupiter has a grand total of 60 moons!

Named after the one-time ruler of the Roman gods and father of Jupiter, Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun. It is nearly twice as far away as it’s larger inner neighbour, Jupiter, and it takes almost 29.5 years to complete one orbit around our star.

Uranus takes 84 years to complete orbit around the sun.  On each orbit, the North and South poles experience 42 years of darkness and 42 years of continuous sunlight.

Neptune takes 164 years to orbit around the Sun once. Neptune is the furthest away planet in our solar system, and has 14 moons. Neptune’s largest moon is called Triton, and is named after the Greek god of the ocean (Neptune is the name for the Roman god of the ocean).

The sun is 4.6 billion years old and is expected to live for 10 billion which means that in 5.4 billion years the sun will explode.

Also known as minor planets, asteroids are small bodies made of rock and metal that follow independent orbits around the sun. The vast majority lie in a concentration called the main belt. The largest of these, Ceres, was only discovered in 1801 and was reclassified as a dwarf planet in 2006. The asteroid belt lies between Mars & Jupiter.



Facts About Space

Here are a few facts on space.

  1. The first men to land on the moon were the famous American astronauts, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.
  2. Our planets were named after Roman gods. Venus, Mercury, Neptune and Jupiter are some of them.
  3. An eclipse happens when the moon crosses the path of the sun causing darkness. A solar eclipse is when the moon doesn’t fully block out the sun, but makes it darker than usual. A total eclipse is when the moon fully blocks out the sun making it look like night time. Eclipses don’t often happen.
  4. The sun is a big star. It is made out of lava and fire. If you get within 100 miles from the sun, you will burn.
  5. Mars is also known as the red planet as it is red all over.
  6. On Jupiter, a year is only 128 days.

The Outsiders

Hylas is only a boy but he knows three things:

The Gods Exist

Magic Is Real

Somebody Wants Him Dead

Hunted and alone, Hylas is desperate to find his missing sister. His quest takes him across the hostile mountains and treacherous seas of Ancient Greece. His only friend is a girl on the run. His only guide is a wild dolphin.And his murderous enemies are closing in…

If I had to rate this book out of 10, I would have to say 10. This book envolves lots of adventure and hooks you right from the beginning.

Book review on Soul Eater by Livia

I am writing a book review on Soul Eater by Michelle Paver.

This book includes lots of adventure and mystery. This is the third book out of six in the chronicles of ancient darkness series. We started to read Wolf Brother [Book  One] at the end of year five but didn’t finish it. I would say that you read book one and book two before reading this, those who are intrested. I have read the whole series and think they are amazing books.

The story is set 6000 years ago in north west Scandinavia[Norway, Denmark, Sweden]. It includes old beliefs, legends and myths which make the story intresting. It is based on a boy named Torak who goes on a quest to vanquish an evil group of people. He makes friends who will change his life on the way. His quest takes him to the perilous lands of the far north, where he has to battle the snow and ice to save his best friend from the grip of the soul eaters. This book contains lots of excitement and friendship.

The other books in the series are: Wolf Brother[Book One], Spirit Walker [Book Two], Soul Eater [Book Three], Outcast [Book Four], Oath breaker [Book Five], Ghost Hunter [Book Six].

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I, and the many others who have read it, did.