Tom’s Diary (My Homework)

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I was round with my cousin Jez and we went to Cleve forest. We were fishing and that until a strange man said “Hey,you should go home its a little late!” We were packing up when suddenly,a bunch of flickering lights came our way so,Jez and I glared at each other “ALIENS!!!” We started to run, until we collapsed we passed out.It was about a day when we woke up,I was awake Jez lay beside me curled up.I waited for about twenty minutes and startled him awake. Jez awoke and eventually we set off for home.We told Jez’s mum but she didn’t believe us,the police said “We were a waste of time!” We also told the doctor they just came out with this “You have amnesia.” ┬áSomething was distracting my pockets i looked inside two shiny jet black shiny pebbles I rubbed the smooth surface as I did so they started to glow?