Adventure at Safari Zone

“Hurry up!” yelled Red as he trod through the grass. Carefully, Blue followed. The two boys stopped at a tree and scanned the horizon. “Hey, what’s this?” Red questioned to Blue. In the grass was a dirty, beaten Master Ball. The boys pulled it out some thorns. What Pokemon was inside? Red tossed it into the sky and the ball sprung open. The ball had a Mew inside!

At that moment, the scruffy figure of Professor Oak rasped at the boys. His dog-like Growlithe growled menacingly. Red returned the Mew, put it in his pocket and the two boys began to flounce through the grass. They tripped and fell towards Mt Moon.

“Quick, let’s hide in here!” spluttered Red, hastening into the mountain. It was dark and damp inside and they could hear Pokemon lurking. They felt their way further in and hunched behind a rock. Blue’s heart pounded like a Pokemon crying. All at once, the professor appeared at the mountain entrance. He shone a torch around. The light cast shadows on the chipped walls. The children bent down and kept as still as an Onix, but the Growlithe could sense them. It trotted closer and closer, growling menacingly. Blue clutched Red’s arm. They could see it’s bloody teeth, smell it’s warm hair, and feel it’s scorching, burning breath.

All of a sudden, there was a distant bawl. “Growlithe, return!” scowled the professor, swiftly whipping out it’s Pokeball. “Those brats have escaped. Quick! After them!” Red and Blue held their breath until they heard the isolated sound of footsteps. They waited for a long while before skulking out. Even though the Safari Zone was deserted, the boys darted home as quick as possible.

At first Mum didn’t believe them. It was only when Red released the Mew that she decided to call Officer Jenny. When she arrived, she told Mum that the colossal daycare up the road had been burgled only the night before. They had spent all day searching for a trace of the Mew. Their only hint had been the footprints of a healthy Growlithe. Red shut his eyes. He could imagine the headlines: ‘PRICELESS MEW DISCOVERED BY TEN YEAR OLD POKEMON TRAINER!’ And there was a reward too!