Harder Riddle: The pebbles(Easy/Medium)

“Off with your head!”

The Queen of Hearts sentenced Alice to death again.

So as not to appear unfair, Her Majesty gives Alice one chance to save herself.

The ground is covered in tiny red and black pebbles. The Queen pretends to pick one of each colour, and puts them into a bag.

“If she pulls the red pebble from the bag, she shall go free!” Declared the Queen.

Alice has noticed the Queen’s trick – she has put two black pebbles into the bag.

How can Alice win her freedom without calling the Queen a cheater?




homework: diary entry part 1

Dear Diary,

Yesterday, me and my older cousin Tom had decided to go on a fishing trip in the peaceful woods. So we packed all of the stuff that we might have needed, fishing rods,bait and spare hooks. Once we’d packed everything Tom and I set off to the woods where we didn’t know that a strange light would be heading towards them, in exactly two hours time! When we’d got to the gushing,roaring river, an odd-looking fisherman was sitting on the opposite bank reading a leather-bound book and occasionally looking up at the sky as if waiting for something to appear. After about an hour and a half, we agreed to pack up and head home as we hadn’t caught anything and the weather was looking cloudy and dark.

Suddenly, as we reached the edge of the wood, just a short distance from home, a glowing light streaked through the trees accompanied by a low whirring sound! As you know, Tom and I are full of curiousity at the best of times, so of course we had to investigate this mysterious happening. We turned back into the wood and tried to trace where the light and noise was eminating from. We came to a clearing and in the centre, you’ll never believe it! We saw this large, oval object the likes of which we’d never seen before, with a shimmering holographic exterior so you couldn’t tell what colour it was as it changed from silver to blue to gold to violet all in a blink of an eye. As we stood, transfixed, staring at the object, what appeared to be a door, opened at the base and a dark dark shadowy figure appeared!

It was then everything went blank…

Homework: diary entry part 2

After what seemed like a century, I awoke with a start. Tom was whispering my name and he sounded as though he had also awoken from a long relaxing sleep but there was also a bit of nervousness in his voice. I tried to turn and go back to sleep but my bed had become all lumpy and uncomfortable. I opened one eye and studied my surroundings. We were still in the woods! The only difference I noticed was all the bushes and grass had been flattened and trees scorched. Then it all came back to me, the figure and the strange oval object! What had happened to us dear diary? Exactly how long had we slept? It was just getting light so clearly we’d been there all night – but maybe longer – a few days?  Where was the bizarre, what I am now thinking must have been, spaceship? Who was the person – or ALIEN?? And was he the reason Tom and I fell asleep?

There was no time to discover more, because, diary, mum would be bound to have called the police by now and we needed to let her know we were safe. We packed our things and headed for home – still feeling confused and dazed. As soon as we opened the door, mum came rushing towards us – you know how she can be when she’s been worrying – she had tear stains under her eyes and a blotchy red nose. Her tears turned to scolding however as somehow she seemed to think it was all my fault! Huh! Typical. Tom and I tried to explain what had happened and what we had seen, but do you think she believed us? NO! She accused me of lying and talking nonsense! Well, I ask you. I guess it was pretty unbelievable but really, she didn’t have to send us to bed like naughty children, did she?

But perhaps, diary it was a good thing she did, because you’ll never guess what Tom and I found as we were changing into our pjs? Two jet black glossy pebbles deep in our pockets. We certainly hadn’t put them there so where had they come from and who had put them there?  If you could see them, dear diary you too would have been tempted to stroke your fingers over their smooth surface, how were we to know what that would cause to happen next? They only started to glow so brightly it nearly blinded us! Maybe mum would believe our story now.

But what next? I do hope we can find out more and discover what the pebbles are for and why we were given them?