Unsolved Alien Mysteries Part 2 by Amelia A

Get ready for some more mind blowing, spine chilling Unsolved Alien Mysteries!


In Italy, a mysterious feathery substance was seen falling from the sky in the 1950s, supposedly left behind by UFOs. This “angel hair” (as it was called) floated down for two hours after a UFO had been spotted. However, this puzzling element disappeared as soon as it touched the warm ground or human skin. After being examined by scientists, they discovered that it was a form of glass!


In 1961, a forester in Karelia, Russia came across a large, newly made crater on the bank of a lake. The forester called for scientists and divers to look at the strange hole. After being searched, it was thought that a gigantic UFO had skidded to a halt there. But there wasn’t a trace of a crash landed spaceship anywhere. Inside the crater was a mysterious green ice! To this day, no one knows exactly what made the crater, or where the green ice came from.


In 1966, two pieces of green and blue paper were found next to the bodies of two Brazilian TV workers. The two men had gone out to buy a car, but they had bought raincoats instead, even though the day was hot and sunny, with no trace of rain! The police investigator suggested that the workers may have died after making contact with a UFO. One of the pieces of paper had a formula on it, but no one was able to understand it. The police locked the paper in a heavily guarded safe, but when they opened the safe for scientists to examine it, the formula had disappeared!

So could this be even more evidence of life out there?

I’ll leave that one to you to find out…

Part 3 coming soon!



The Tractor Beam

The Tractor Beam

It was October 1996, and the farmer Joanne was harvesting her corn. She had worked hard and long on it, and now she was finished. Suddenly, she heard a peculiar sound. ‘Zum, zum, zum’ it went. Everything suddenly went silent. Then, a huge spacecraft burst from behind the undergrowth. It slowly floated towards Joanne’s farm! Oh no! She had to think fast. Then she came up with a plan.

The Plan

Without a second thought, Joanne sprinted into the house and grabbed a mirror. She used the mirror to shine the sun into the pilot’s face. Did her plan work? Of course it did. The pilot crashed through the window, splintering it into tiny little pieces. He crashed onto the ground and never got up. Meanwhile, the ship was still moving. It hadn’t gone to plan. All of a sudden, a large ray shot down on Joanne. She looked down, and saw she was no longer standing on the ground. When she reached the top of the beam, she disappeared into the floating ship as it drifted off into the sunset.

What was that…

Monday: One dark gloomy night Jez woke up to a bang. Tom was still sleeping but Jez went down the stairs to see what it was…

Tom woke up because a scream came from down the stairs. Tom was petrified but he took a deep breath in and went to see what it was!

There was blood on the floor, there were spider webs …

The next day the police came to see what happened!

Jez and Tom were killed!

Aran Rissul

homework 6jw Tom’s diary

Dear diary : It all started when me and my cuson Jez. we where  out in the Forrest fishing when a strange old man told us to leave so we left but all of a sudden a strange light appeared and streaked towards the forrist we look at each other ALIENS. Then I woke up still in the forest Jez lay beside me I woke her up and we went to tell the police but no one believed us they just called us a time waster.But when we went to bed that night we found tow jet black pebbles and as we rubbed the smooth surfaces and they began to glow but we don’t know what the for presents? Presents from another world.

Recount of Alien landing

Late last night Tom and Jes were fishing in Cleave Forrest.  Suddenly a unidentified man said ” you two boys better go home “.  Wearily they picked up  there fishing gear and started to head home.  At that moment there was a large beaming light.  First they thought that it was a party  then they saw a alien shadow. They looked at each other, there was a flash of light and they fell asleep.  24 hours later  Tom woke up and looked at Jes who was sucking his thumb “no I wasn’t”  they went home and told Jes’s mum what they saw  but she did not believe them  so they went and told the police who started a investigation but came up with no evidence of a alien spaceship.  Tom and Jes had to have a doctors assessment who diagnosed them with amnesia.  They interviewed the local fisherman who never seen any sightings  of a alien spaceship either.  So nobody believed Tom and Jes.