Unsolved Alien Mysteries Part 2 by Amelia A

Get ready for some more mind blowing, spine chilling Unsolved Alien Mysteries!


In Italy, a mysterious feathery substance was seen falling from the sky in the 1950s, supposedly left behind by UFOs. This “angel hair” (as it was called) floated down for two hours after a UFO had been spotted. However, this puzzling element disappeared as soon as it touched the warm ground or human skin. After being examined by scientists, they discovered that it was a form of glass!


In 1961, a forester in Karelia, Russia came across a large, newly made crater on the bank of a lake. The forester called for scientists and divers to look at the strange hole. After being searched, it was thought that a gigantic UFO had skidded to a halt there. But there wasn’t a trace of a crash landed spaceship anywhere. Inside the crater was a mysterious green ice! To this day, no one knows exactly what made the crater, or where the green ice came from.


In 1966, two pieces of green and blue paper were found next to the bodies of two Brazilian TV workers. The two men had gone out to buy a car, but they had bought raincoats instead, even though the day was hot and sunny, with no trace of rain! The police investigator suggested that the workers may have died after making contact with a UFO. One of the pieces of paper had a formula on it, but no one was able to understand it. The police locked the paper in a heavily guarded safe, but when they opened the safe for scientists to examine it, the formula had disappeared!

So could this be even more evidence of life out there?

I’ll leave that one to you to find out…

Part 3 coming soon!



How to Train Your Dragon book review by Amelia Asare

I am writing a review on the How To Train Your Dragon book series by Cressida Cowell.

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III is a very believable and likeable main character as he is not a typical Viking hero, yet he goes on to achieve great things. He must “learn to be a hero the hard way”, which gives a very strong message; if you want to succeed at something, you must try your best and use your talents. He may not be the biggest or strongest  on the Isle of Berk where he lives but he shows his strengths in other ways, like being a Dragon Whisperer and much more (as you will discover later in the series, along with the unexpected twists!!!).

Cressida Cowell’s illustrations are humorous and fun and they appear throughout the 12 books that make up the series. Also, the dragon profiles with facts about unique dragons draws you even further into Hiccup’s world. Plus, in every book are four collector dragon cards! My favourite card is definitely the Shortwing Squirrel Serpent as it is REALLY cute.

Those who have watched the films will discover that there are significant differences between the books and the movies, though both are equally enjoyable.

I would recommend these books to ages 8-12, because they are funny and easy to read.

I am looking forward to seeing Cressida Cowell again at the Bath Literature Festival at the end of September!

If you haven’t yet discovered these books, give them a go. You won’t regret it!!!!!



Unsolved Alien Mysteries by Amelia Asare

Throughout history there have been many supposed “alien sightings”, many of which have been clever hoaxes. But what about the mysteries that remain unsolved? Here are just a few…


Many farmers have awoken to discover areas of flattened crops or land and have been very baffled. This phenomena led many people to believe that aliens had landed overnight. The thing about these circles that confused scientists most was that they were perfectly circular. Some people have claimed responsibility for their hoaxes, other circles remain a mystery to be solved.


In 1977 an astronomer picked up a signal using a radio telescope from a place we never knew existed. In fact, it seemed to be coming from another part of the galaxy, WAY outside our solar system over 220 light years away! To this day no one knows what the signal meant or what planet it came from.


In Peru’s Nazca desert, a group of ancient designs, stretching more than fifty miles has astounded archaeologists and scientists alike for decades. These markings consist of simple lines and geometric shapes. Drawings of animals, birds and humans have also been made, some measuring 600 feet across. As these designs can only be truly appreciated from the air, how and why did the ancient Nazca people produce drawings on this colossal scale when there is no evidence that they had created flying machines? Could the Nazca markings have been produced with the assistance of aliens? Some theorists have even suggested that these drawings were used as landing guides for alien visitors.


On July 8th 1947, a disk like object crashed near a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico, during a powerful storm. Government scientists claimed that the object was a weather balloon that had crash landed. The owner of the ranch retrieved some metal debris from the crash and commented:

‘The odd thing about this foil was that you could wrinkle it and lay it back down and it immediately resumed its original shape.’

Many years later, Major Marcel, who had been involved in recovering the debris claimed that the U.S government had covered up the existence of an alien aircraft and that alien bodies had been discovered. Was this an elaborate hoax or proof that there really is life beyond our Solar System?

Are these unsolved alien mysteries evidence of extra-terrestrial life? Or do these unanswered questions have a perfectly rational explanation behind them?

Is there life out there?

Until we have explored beyond our solar system, that is a question that will continue to confound us.

Look out for Unsolved Alien Mysteries Part 2, coming soon.

Interview with Tom and Jez by Amelia Asare (literacy homework)

So, what were you boys doing in the forest that day?

Tom: Well, we thought we should just pop down to the woods, climb a few trees, catch a few fish.

Jez: Yes, we just wanted to get a bit of fresh air and exercise.

Did you have any warning of what was about to happen later on?

Jez: No, not at all. On the outside it was a perfectly normal summer day.

Tom: We had no idea that something that mysterious was about to happen.

So, can you tell us exactly what happened?

Tom: So, this flashing light sort of appeared about half a mile away and we had no idea what it was. It zoomed through the forest and we really wanted to find out what it was. We followed it further into the woods and we knew it had to be aliens.

Jez: Then lights were suddenly flickering all over the place and we called out to see who was there but no one replied. We saw what looked like this massive spacecraft and we panicked. Then we saw a door and this shadow twitched.

What can you tell us about the events that followed this?

Jez: All I can remember is waking up. I remember looking on my watch and realising we had been asleep for about 24 hours!

Tom: Yeah, and all the bushes and grass had been flattened and all the trees looked like they had been torched with a flamethrower.

Did you tell the police or maybe a doctor?

Tom: Yes, both. We talked to the police but they just thought we were wasting their time.

Jez: When we talked to the doctor they said we had hamnees or something. Amnesia, that’s it!

So, the interview with these boys leads us to wonder; is there really life out there?