The crack  elimination  smashed threw the city. Through the raven space and threw all of the planets as it goes away.

The raven vortex got rid of all of the crimson rain. As it burned all of existence and in the world. It never stopped.

The school of life saved all of humanity from the world war of death and life. It never stopped for the worlds life was stopped because the war had the power.

The lightning of terror attacked the world of destiny but it attacked the teal galaxy and did not stop until everything was gone forever.

from: Brandon Madge

The lost family

Once upon a time there lived a little boy could Jack who was 10 years old and had 7 sisters that annoyed Jack. His family went camping for one night but when jack opened his eyes his  family had gone .

One day later  he heard on the news that a family had going missing.  7 girls and a mum and dad. They had been gone for 2 days and they were last seen on Friday the 13   in a camping site .

Two days later jack looked everywhere. jack put the news on there was an update on the story . They found 7 girls but no parents. They said they have a little brother called Jack. If you seen him please contact now.

Up date on the story: the parents have been found but jack hasnt yet. Please contact if you have seen him.

Jack ran as fast as he could. As he got to the contact place, he gave his family a huge hug and went  home. Jack learned to never go camping in the woods .

The end OR WAS IT …..