Ruta’s homework – literacy

Dear judge newton,

I am writing to you because I believe that I am innocent and that I should not be punished. Firstly, I was just going to the beach witch is perfectly normal and then I was searching for shells with my brother Rahul. Suddenly, we saw a black box in the corner of a rock pool so we pulled it out but decided not to open it there and instead we took it home. When we got home,we carefully opened the box and the box was full to the brim with sparkling jewels we were so amazed and wanted to keep them but instead we called the police. About two days later,the jewels were returned to there rightful owner and the police thanked us.

Court Case 9.1.17 by Josh

Yesterday we had a court case where we – the jury – had to decide if Joe was guilty of stealing the box of jewels.

Mr Walker (the prosecution) argued that Joe was guilty and made the following statements:

  • Joe should have left it on the beach
  • He should have reported it to the police

He also said: Honesty Is the Best Policy.

Miss Dite (the defence) argued Joe was innocent and made the following statements:

  • It was the owner’s fault for leaving it there in the first place
  • It had no name on the box

She also said: Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers.

In my opinion, I thought Joe wasn’t guilty because he didn’t intend to find the jewels.