Swept Away – Part 2

A few days later, Emma woke up. She found herself in the middle of nowhere with heavy rain pouring onto her. Her clothes were drenched, ripped and clung to her like a clip-on tie strangling her. Suddenly, there was a rustle in the bushes. She spun around to confront it. There, pressed up to her face, was a murky old tramp smelling of Chicken & Mushroom Pot Noodle (her favourite).

Emma sprung back in alarm and swung her fist at the man. All of a sudden, he grabbed her hand swiftly like he was expecting it. She looked at him in total shock. ‘How did he do that?’ she thought. She lowered her arm and imagined he might actually be able to help her. “Do you know where Locland Station is?” she questioned. “In fact, yes I do!” the tramp replied. “Follow me, child, and I will show you the way.” And with that, the two travellers embarked on an adventure they’ll never forget.

Swept Away – Part 1

The sun shone down on the glass roof. Birds were chirping, leaves swayed in the breeze and airplanes soared through the air. Emma and her ‘friends’, Chloe and Charlotte, were waiting on Platform 6 for the 8:20 train. Every day, Emma would hop on the train to get to her school, Locland Academy. Emma loved school so she hated being late. On the other hand, her ‘friends’ hated school and secretly hated Emma because she would always try to persuade them to like it.

Today, the train was running late. “Where is the train?” Emma asked her friends, panicking. Their smirking faces told Emma: “Who cares about the train?” Poor Emma was oblivious to the fact that her friends were actually frauds; they were mean girls! Suddenly, as the trained chugged into the station, they shoved her past the yellow line shrieking: “Have fun, tubby!” The bullies covered their ears and stood back as the train blew past her. The gravity couldn’t hold her any longer and she shot off into the sky.