Don’t go out after dark homework to persuade year 5 to go on barton camp

Do you want to go to Barton camp? Are you always begging your teachers? If so we have right persuasion for you !!!

reasons to go (part 1)
Firstly, It is amazing !!!Next, The dorms are amazing to sleep in Then,the outdoor swimming pool is fun and then slider and it is heated.Furthermore, The park has load of stuff and i guarantee you will love it.Finally,All of the activities are so fun !!!

Reasons to go (part 2)
Here is some things and features about Barton camp , u get to explore it and it is so much fun. It may be scary. Talking about Barton camp but it is’t scary as when i was scared I over become it quickly and you will to.

So year 5 teachers please read this and make a decision.

Literacy homework (Harrison): Why you Should support Children In Need

Do you ever feel sorry for those who are less fortunate than yourself ? Do you wish you could do something to help them? If this sounds like you, look no further than the charity , Children In Need.

Obviously everyone deserves to live their lives happily, don` t you think?  Unfortunately,  this isn`t the case for some of the young ones in our beloved world . Children In Need try to prevent this by running different types of events , each year, on the 2nd Friday of November, to help raise money for those in need.

Moreover, by donating  money not only will you help other people, but you will also gain self-happiness due to the thought of changing somebody’s life. Shouldn`t the thought of changing somebody`s life and making them happy be enough to make anyone donate?

Finally, they  have an AMAZING mascot called Pudsey. It is a bear with a bandage over its right eye . The bandage represents the pain of others who YOU can help . The purpose of Pudsey being a bear is to show that we help and welcome people with care,warmth and love.

Fortunately, the charity has been successful and has managed to raise over £600,000,000 since starting up in 1980 . However, what if the charity flops? What will they do then ? To stop this from happening, support Children In Need and spread the word so that everyone knows about it . NOW!!!

Literacy Homework

Do you leave your homework until the last minute? Would you refuse to do it, even if your parents said so? If this sounds like you, don’t stop reading and listen to these 3 reasons why you shouldn’t do that.

Firstly, if you do it on the first day it was given, you will have the rest of the weekend free to do family and friend bonding. But if you leave it, you will be rushing around late at night in a stress.

In addition, if you leave your homework until the last minute, you might forget and get yelled at by the teacher, because you’ve had more than enough time to complete it.

Finally, if you do it when you get it, you will be able to keep on track, instead of being up, day and night, rushing through various homeworks you’ve left until the last minute.

In conclusion, I think that we shouldn’t do homework in the final hours because you will get much more time with family and friends.

Literacy Homework 2.10.17

I tiptoed down the long, barren road and turned to enter the abandoned park. The rain hammered down on me and I got soaked. Suddenly, I heard something rustling in the bushes. The colour drained from my face. Immediately, I went over to have a little peek. And what I saw made me shriek in terror. There, standing in front of me, was an enormous brown bear,  feasting on a banana. It approached me. I stood back in fear. To my surprise, the bear coughed and began speaking!

Tom’s Diary (My Homework)

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I was round with my cousin Jez and we went to Cleve forest. We were fishing and that until a strange man said “Hey,you should go home its a little late!” We were packing up when suddenly,a bunch of flickering lights came our way so,Jez and I glared at each other “ALIENS!!!” We started to run, until we collapsed we passed out.It was about a day when we woke up,I was awake Jez lay beside me curled up.I waited for about twenty minutes and startled him awake. Jez awoke and eventually we set off for home.We told Jez’s mum but she didn’t believe us,the police said “We were a waste of time!” We also told the doctor they just came out with this “You have amnesia.”  Something was distracting my pockets i looked inside two shiny jet black shiny pebbles I rubbed the smooth surface as I did so they started to glow?

homework: diary entry part 1

Dear Diary,

Yesterday, me and my older cousin Tom had decided to go on a fishing trip in the peaceful woods. So we packed all of the stuff that we might have needed, fishing rods,bait and spare hooks. Once we’d packed everything Tom and I set off to the woods where we didn’t know that a strange light would be heading towards them, in exactly two hours time! When we’d got to the gushing,roaring river, an odd-looking fisherman was sitting on the opposite bank reading a leather-bound book and occasionally looking up at the sky as if waiting for something to appear. After about an hour and a half, we agreed to pack up and head home as we hadn’t caught anything and the weather was looking cloudy and dark.

Suddenly, as we reached the edge of the wood, just a short distance from home, a glowing light streaked through the trees accompanied by a low whirring sound! As you know, Tom and I are full of curiousity at the best of times, so of course we had to investigate this mysterious happening. We turned back into the wood and tried to trace where the light and noise was eminating from. We came to a clearing and in the centre, you’ll never believe it! We saw this large, oval object the likes of which we’d never seen before, with a shimmering holographic exterior so you couldn’t tell what colour it was as it changed from silver to blue to gold to violet all in a blink of an eye. As we stood, transfixed, staring at the object, what appeared to be a door, opened at the base and a dark dark shadowy figure appeared!

It was then everything went blank…

Homework: diary entry part 2

After what seemed like a century, I awoke with a start. Tom was whispering my name and he sounded as though he had also awoken from a long relaxing sleep but there was also a bit of nervousness in his voice. I tried to turn and go back to sleep but my bed had become all lumpy and uncomfortable. I opened one eye and studied my surroundings. We were still in the woods! The only difference I noticed was all the bushes and grass had been flattened and trees scorched. Then it all came back to me, the figure and the strange oval object! What had happened to us dear diary? Exactly how long had we slept? It was just getting light so clearly we’d been there all night – but maybe longer – a few days?  Where was the bizarre, what I am now thinking must have been, spaceship? Who was the person – or ALIEN?? And was he the reason Tom and I fell asleep?

There was no time to discover more, because, diary, mum would be bound to have called the police by now and we needed to let her know we were safe. We packed our things and headed for home – still feeling confused and dazed. As soon as we opened the door, mum came rushing towards us – you know how she can be when she’s been worrying – she had tear stains under her eyes and a blotchy red nose. Her tears turned to scolding however as somehow she seemed to think it was all my fault! Huh! Typical. Tom and I tried to explain what had happened and what we had seen, but do you think she believed us? NO! She accused me of lying and talking nonsense! Well, I ask you. I guess it was pretty unbelievable but really, she didn’t have to send us to bed like naughty children, did she?

But perhaps, diary it was a good thing she did, because you’ll never guess what Tom and I found as we were changing into our pjs? Two jet black glossy pebbles deep in our pockets. We certainly hadn’t put them there so where had they come from and who had put them there?  If you could see them, dear diary you too would have been tempted to stroke your fingers over their smooth surface, how were we to know what that would cause to happen next? They only started to glow so brightly it nearly blinded us! Maybe mum would believe our story now.

But what next? I do hope we can find out more and discover what the pebbles are for and why we were given them?

Diary Entry for Alien Landing

Dear diary,

What a day! We just found some pebbles in our pockets after a crazy adventure! First, me and Jez saw a light on the way home. Then, it streaked through the forest and began to flicker! We then followed the light, and with our hearts thumping, we watched.. and waited. Then after a day, I woke up and looked beside me. Jez was lying on the leaves next to me. We were okay. But all we could remember was that an enormous spaceship had landed and a figure moved. But it was only a few minutes ago that we found a jet-black, shiny pebble in each of our pockets. And we believe that it’s from another planet, and aliens are real.

Dear diary

Monday : me and Tom were getting ready for bed and mysteriously Tom slid his hand down in his pocket and pulled out a black shiny pebble so I quickly went to grab the silky stone but my heart raced……                         We both held our pebbles they were exactly the same. We really liked rubbing them suddenly they started to glow. I dropped mine and a shiver  shot up my spine.  Tom gasped. What is it? Maybe its a present from another world.

homework 6jw Tom’s diary

Dear diary : It all started when me and my cuson Jez. we where  out in the Forrest fishing when a strange old man told us to leave so we left but all of a sudden a strange light appeared and streaked towards the forrist we look at each other ALIENS. Then I woke up still in the forest Jez lay beside me I woke her up and we went to tell the police but no one believed us they just called us a time waster.But when we went to bed that night we found tow jet black pebbles and as we rubbed the smooth surfaces and they began to glow but we don’t know what the for presents? Presents from another world.

Recount of Alien landing

Late last night Tom and Jes were fishing in Cleave Forrest.  Suddenly a unidentified man said ” you two boys better go home “.  Wearily they picked up  there fishing gear and started to head home.  At that moment there was a large beaming light.  First they thought that it was a party  then they saw a alien shadow. They looked at each other, there was a flash of light and they fell asleep.  24 hours later  Tom woke up and looked at Jes who was sucking his thumb “no I wasn’t”  they went home and told Jes’s mum what they saw  but she did not believe them  so they went and told the police who started a investigation but came up with no evidence of a alien spaceship.  Tom and Jes had to have a doctors assessment who diagnosed them with amnesia.  They interviewed the local fisherman who never seen any sightings  of a alien spaceship either.  So nobody believed Tom and Jes.

Literacy Homework

The alien landing was a peculiar happening . Perhaps a little paranormal. All of Bristol was buzzing and flocking to Leigh woods to feel the scorch marks, to see the flattened grass and bushes. But not one of the excited tourists actually had any idea what the real cause was . So, if you are one of the tourists that witnessed the ‘crash sight’ here is the real deal. What actually happened . The real cause. So here it is —–

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