Literacy Homework

Do you leave your homework until the last minute? Would you refuse to do it, even if your parents said so? If this sounds like you, don’t stop reading and listen to these 3 reasons why you shouldn’t do that.

Firstly, if you do it on the first day it was given, you will have the rest of the weekend free to do family and friend bonding. But if you leave it, you will be rushing around late at night in a stress.

In addition, if you leave your homework until the last minute, you might forget and get yelled at by the teacher, because you’ve had more than enough time to complete it.

Finally, if you do it when you get it, you will be able to keep on track, instead of being up, day and night, rushing through various homeworks you’ve left until the last minute.

In conclusion, I think that we shouldn’t do homework in the final hours because you will get much more time with family and friends.

The Tractor Beam

The Tractor Beam

It was October 1996, and the farmer Joanne was harvesting her corn. She had worked hard and long on it, and now she was finished. Suddenly, she heard a peculiar sound. ‘Zum, zum, zum’ it went. Everything suddenly went silent. Then, a huge spacecraft burst from behind the undergrowth. It slowly floated towards Joanne’s farm! Oh no! She had to think fast. Then she came up with a plan.

The Plan

Without a second thought, Joanne sprinted into the house and grabbed a mirror. She used the mirror to shine the sun into the pilot’s face. Did her plan work? Of course it did. The pilot crashed through the window, splintering it into tiny little pieces. He crashed onto the ground and never got up. Meanwhile, the ship was still moving. It hadn’t gone to plan. All of a sudden, a large ray shot down on Joanne. She looked down, and saw she was no longer standing on the ground. When she reached the top of the beam, she disappeared into the floating ship as it drifted off into the sunset.