Don’t bring your phone to school by Olga

Do you worry that you may drop your phone on your way back from school? Do you think it might get stolen? If this might sound like you , heed this important advice : don’t bring your phone your phone to school !

It has been proved by teachers that bringing your phone to school is not the best thing to do ! First of all, if you were to be late and you don’t want your parent to be mad at you, so, you have to hurry up, not even putting your books nor your packed lunch in your bag and with your coat in your hands , didn’t you ever imagine that that you can actually drop your phone when you have to many things in your hands ?!?! Second of all, if you don’t put your phone in Mrs Bailey’s “locker” or in the office it might get stolen (but that won’t happen because KPPS is the best school!).

It’s not hard to keep your phone home ; you don’t even need it when you are in school ! Of course, you can bring your phone to school but be careful not to forget it ! Also, after school, make sure that you give it your parent/carer

Pay attention to what Helga , a young girl from Bath , had to say on the matter : ” I were so happy that I finally could brang me phone to school. But I drop me phone because I have too many things in me hands !! ”

If I were you , I would not bring my phone to school just in case . I hope you learnt a lesson from this great text . Just remember not to bring your phone to school !!

Children retelling Don’t Go Out After Dark to our visitors

I was very proud of the children who retold our persuasive text to a group of visitors who came to the school to see how we teach writing. They know it amazingly well!

Don't go out after dark group from James Walker on Vimeo.