Tom Gates

PHEW! That’s better. OK, let me explain what happened. I was in the bathroom, pretending to have a shower while reading my comic (like I do) when SOMEONE started KNOCKING really loudly on the door. I assumed it was my sister Delia so I ignore her. Then she did it again and again and again. The noise was very annoying. But I managed do to carry on reading EVERY single page of my comic REALLY slowly.EVENTUALLY when I’d finished, I very carefully opened the bathroom door. I was expecting Delia to SHOUT at me for taking so long. I wasn’t expecting to see this.

Now I’m going to tell you why I like this book. Well I like it because…

It’s about a boy called Tom and he goes to school and he has a friend called Marcus who likes to think he has good ideas (but he doesn’t). Also they had a burnt barber up!

Double dork diaries – book review!

This is a really good book and I recommend you read it! This book so far is about a girl called Nikki and her two best friends Chloe and Zoey.They have just had a dance at some sort of disco and it was the day after that when Nikki’s phone rang and it was the most famous tv producer in the world and the host of her favourite tv show 15 minutes of fame!!! She thought she and her friends were going to get arrested but then she got another phone call and it was the same perso. She was really worried. Amazingly, he gave them 3 backstage passes.The next day,they got to go to the show but sadly their mean enemy Makensi Holister spilled water on them and took their passes… Hope you like it so far!!

book review

I’ve been reading a book called Assassins’ Creed Unity. It is about a girl called Elise who is trying to get revenge on a assassin who killed her mother then her and her friend Arno are drawn between the war of assassins and Templar’s. During that war they are separated. Arno is sent back to the assassins and Elise is sent back to the Templar’s.

Who let the gods out? Book review

At the moment I am reading Who let the gods out? by Mas Evens its all about a boy whose mother is sick and one day he wishes upon a star and didn’t expect a constellation to crash in his cow’s poo. That constellation is called Virgo and she is made up with stars has silver hair and a shimmering glow the warms up her and other people. Also the main character is called Elliot.¬†Wait for the rest of the review Who let the gods out? Book review part 2 coming soon !!!

The Outsiders

Hylas is only a boy but he knows three things:

The Gods Exist

Magic Is Real

Somebody Wants Him Dead

Hunted and alone, Hylas is desperate to find his missing sister. His quest takes him across the hostile mountains and treacherous seas of Ancient Greece. His only friend is a girl on the run. His only guide is a wild dolphin.And his murderous enemies are closing in…

If I had to rate this book out of 10, I would have to say 10. This book envolves lots of adventure and hooks you right from the beginning.

How to Train Your Dragon book review by Amelia Asare

I am writing a review on the How To Train Your Dragon book series by Cressida Cowell.

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III is a very believable and likeable¬†main¬†character as he is not a typical Viking hero, yet he goes on to achieve great things. He must¬†“learn¬†to be a hero the hard way”, which gives a very strong message; if you want to succeed at something, you must try your best and use your talents. He may not be the biggest or strongest¬† on the¬†Isle of Berk where he lives¬†but he shows his strengths in other ways, like being a Dragon Whisperer and much more (as you will discover later in the series,¬†along with¬†the unexpected twists!!!).

Cressida Cowell’s illustrations are humorous and fun and they appear throughout the 12 books that make up the series. Also, the dragon profiles with facts about unique dragons draws you even¬†further¬†into¬†Hiccup’s world. Plus, in every book are four collector dragon cards! My favourite card¬†is definitely the¬†Shortwing Squirrel Serpent as it is REALLY cute.

Those who have watched the films will discover that there are significant differences between the books and the movies, though both are equally enjoyable.

I would recommend these books to ages 8-12, because they are funny and easy to read.

I am looking forward to seeing Cressida Cowell again at the Bath Literature Festival at the end of September!

If you haven’t yet discovered these books, give them a go. You won’t regret it!!!!!



Book review – Skellig by David Almond

Michael steps into the crumbling garage what is this thing beneath the spiders’ webs and dead flies. A human being, or a strange kind of beast never seen before? The only person Michael can confide in is Mina. Together they carry the creature into the light, and Michael’s world changes forever….

If I had to rate it out of 10 I’d rate it 10. The book is exciting and scary. I would highly recommend Skellig because it keeps you reading.


Mr Walker is now reading….

Mr Walker is now reading Who Let the Gods Out? by Maz Evans. It is a funny adventure book about a boy called Elliott who has a hard life; his mum is ill and they are very poor. The house is going to be taken away on Friday. All seems lost until he meets Virgo a God who is on a mission to Earth…which leads to some ‘out of this world’ adventures!

Clairetaker is reading….

Claire – our amazing caretaker – loves reading and her current book is called The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd. It is the story of a group of friends who go to London. Their friend goes up the London Eye but does not come down….will they every see him again? A great adventure story by the author who came up with the idea for A Monster Calls…

Mr Ramsbottom is reading….

Summer book #1: Midnight for Charlie Bone, by Jenny Nimmo

I’m excited to read this one! I love the Harry Potter books and I’ve been told I may like these too. I read another book – Henry and the Guardians of the Lost – without realising it came later in this series; I didn’t understand some if it. Now I understand why! I’m going from the beginning of the series now – it should make more sense!

Mr Walker is reading…..

I have just started Wonder by R J Palacio after hearing great things about it from the children – and Mr Thurston – last year. I know that there is a film coming out soon of the book and I like to read the book first. I think it is going to make me emotional as it is about a boy whose face is disfigured and how he copes with life being different.