Dear diary

Monday : me and Tom were getting ready for bed and mysteriously Tom slid his hand down in his pocket and pulled out a black shiny pebble so I quickly went to grab the silky stone but my heart raced……                         We both held our pebbles they were exactly the same. We really liked rubbing them suddenly they started to glow. I dropped mine and a shiver  shot up my spine.  Tom gasped. What is it? Maybe its a present from another world.

Recount of Alien landing

Late last night Tom and Jes were fishing in Cleave Forrest.  Suddenly a unidentified man said ” you two boys better go home “.  Wearily they picked up  there fishing gear and started to head home.  At that moment there was a large beaming light.  First they thought that it was a party  then they saw a alien shadow. They looked at each other, there was a flash of light and they fell asleep.  24 hours later  Tom woke up and looked at Jes who was sucking his thumb “no I wasn’t”  they went home and told Jes’s mum what they saw  but she did not believe them  so they went and told the police who started a investigation but came up with no evidence of a alien spaceship.  Tom and Jes had to have a doctors assessment who diagnosed them with amnesia.  They interviewed the local fisherman who never seen any sightings  of a alien spaceship either.  So nobody believed Tom and Jes.