Who let the gods out? Book review

At the moment I am reading Who let the gods out? by Mas Evens its all about a boy whose mother is sick and one day he wishes upon a star and didn’t expect a constellation to crash in his cow’s poo. That constellation is called Virgo and she is made up with stars has silver hair and a shimmering glow the warms up her and other people. Also the main character is called Elliot.¬†Wait for the rest of the review Who let the gods out? Book review part 2 coming soon !!!

Mr Walker is now reading….

Mr Walker is now reading Who Let the Gods Out? by Maz Evans. It is a funny adventure book about a boy called Elliott who has a hard life; his mum is ill and they are very poor. The house is going to be taken away on Friday. All seems lost until he meets Virgo a God who is on a mission to Earth…which leads to some ‘out of this world’ adventures!